Erika Spring – Erika Spring EP

Erika Spring – Erika Spring EP
[Cascine, 2012]

Self-titled EP from Au Revoir Simone’s Erika Spring is a true gem. Five tracks, of which Hidden is magical, dense, intense, but without pressure, saved by Erika’s sweet voice. A little bit more – we’d have good old shoegaze, a bit more to the other side – it would be too much of the ’80s (Phil Collins in an inspiration, after all). But the way it is – everything is very subtle and cool.

Happy At Your Gate opens the EP with all its softness, pulling you into the beautiful melody and brining to mind pictures from your own past sweet memories.

After the already mentioned Hidden comes synth-full Like A Fire. When Tomorrow Comes is a nice add to the three songs, it’s a Eurythmics cover. Still, Erika is much stronger in her own repertoire.

Additionally, there’s a fifth track, released as a free download, 6 More Weeks – pillow-soft song with interesting rhythmic pattern and signature vocals, that blends perfectly with the rest of the EP.

HIDDEN- ERIKA SPRING from celia rowlson-hall on Vimeo.

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