TV On The Radio – Nine Types Of Light

TV On The Radio – Nine Types Of Light
[Interscope, 2011]

TV On The Radio have always been around, but rarely stayed in my playlists. Their history includes a smooth and stable transition from indie to mainstream and major-label success. With Nine Types of Light they came to a good wholesome work, well constructed, with good variety and texture to keep me listening times and times again. I’m fascinated by the lyrics, and Will Do can be on repeat for 20+ times.

I’m hooked from the first track, Second Song, it starts with touching vocals:

Confidence and ignorance approve me
Define my day today
I’ve tried so hard to shut it down lock it up
Gently walk away

Also, I’ve been catching myself singing along to “dance, don’t stop, do the no future shock” (No Future Shock), any time will do, no choice of words will break me from this groove (Will Do)…

Caffeinated Consciousness reminds of oldschool rock from the 70s, in the likes of Robert Plant. Somewhat “whimp” Keep Your Heart is very beautiful in its simplicity – plangent vocals over the guitars and rhythms on the album make the music masculine-romantic.

Overall, it’s hard to tell what exactly about the album is so catchy – it doesn’t possess a single specific characteristic, possibly apart from the lyrics that are close to breaking my heart. Maybe because of the secret that hasn’t been found I can’t stop listening to the album. A very good solid work.

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