Ultraísta – Smalltalk (Four Tet remix)Ultraísta – Smalltalk (Four Tet remix)

Ultraίsta, the multimedia trio comprised of vocalist/artist Laura Bettinson and multi-instrumentalist/producers Nigel Godrich and Joey Waronker have announced their self-titled debut album which will be released on October 2nd.

Preceding their eagerly anticipated LP, Ghostly (exclusively in North America) and I Am Fortified are releasing a limited edition 12” featuring remixes by Four Tet and Matthew Dear of album track “Smalltalk.”

Ultraίsta – мультимедийное трио: вокал Laura Bettinson, и мультиинструменталисты-продюсеры первого эшелона Nigel Godrich и Joey Waronker. Дебютный альбом выйдет на лейбле Ghostly 2 октября, а пока что – один из ремиксов заглавного трека Smalltalk от всенародного любимца Four Tet.